© Performance of Matthias Mollner; Photo: Dušana Baltic

» The dream. A house of stone in Steindorf, where expression and content meet. A house where people meet, work or talk together, listen and can also be alone if they want to. Architecture in theory and action. Cover here too. Narrow, but in all its breadth... Perhaps there are happenings there that have remained in the memory. «

Günther Domenig

Domenig Steinhaus innen © Nicolas Pichler

Domenig Steinhaus Profile:

The DOMENIG STEINHAUS is a starting point and resonance space for creative processes. In the spirit of its creator, designer and builder Günther Domenig, the architecture experienced here aims to serve as a source of inspiration, to stimulate discourse and dialogue and encourage creative curiosity. As opposed to being a backdrop, the diversity of the form built here opens up a performative experience of architecture in dialogue with art, science and business. This then becomes tangible in the various events and projects. The DOMENIG STEINHAUS sees itself as an impulse – cast in physical form – to think across boundaries and to realise these in interaction with the house.

Three main focuses set the DOMENIG STEINHAUS programme with a strong artistic profile:

» The subjective dimensions of site.
The site as memory. The site as experience.
The site as representation. The site as self-representation. «

Günther Domenig

Domenig Steinhaus Performances:

The STEINHAUS aims to be a multidimensional space for experimental architecture and art, acting both in parallel and together. In order to allow the house to achieve its full meaning and conceptual orientation in the spirit of the architect and builder Günther Domenig, a profile and a clearly defined focus are called for, also from an artistic perspective – the DOMENIG STEINHAUS is to be a centre for performance art.

Performance von Matthias Mollner © Foto: Dušana Baltić

Domenig Steinhaus Workshops:

The DOMENIG STEINHAUS WORKSHOPS act as a platform for students and teachers, who can use the house for experimental workshops, courses and discussions. The polymorphous outer shell and the complex spatial concept make for an inspiring environment. Universities and colleges of architecture, design and art are invited to develop experimental workshop programmes and stage them in the DOMENIG STEINHAUS from May to October. The location directly on the lake with a garden and its own lake access makes it a unique venue for the “Summer School” format from all over the world for the holiday periods from July to September.

Photos: © Fotos von Elke Knöss-Grillitsch, Gordana Brandner-Gruber

Experimentelle Medienwerkstatt „Simulation & Identität” © FH St. Pölten

Domenig Steinhaus Workshops:

The DOMENIG STEINHAUS workshops for boundary-crossers are an experimental format for further education located at the interface between architecture, art and other disciplines. They are aimed at architects, landscape architects, spatial planners, designers, artists, photographers, filmmakers, writers, researchers and all those interested in examining landscape, society, existing buildings, and also feminism, diversity, community and other important issues in the context of climate change. Invited experts will offer inspiration and encourage transdisciplinary boundary-crossing, opening up new perspectives in the discursive and inspiring environment of the STEINHAUS.

The range of workshops for boundary-crossers takes place during opening hours from May to October. Workshops will only go ahead if enough participants are registered.

Current range of workshops: see programme calendar

Workshop language: German / English

Facilities: The STEINHAUS has open seminar rooms on 4 levels, 1 small cinema room, 1 tea kitchen as well as the garden with pavilion and its own lake access.

How to get here: On the S 2 commuter train (Villach Hbf - St. Veit/Glan), the Steindorf/Ossiacher See station is max. 10 minutes’ walk.
The STEINHAUS is located directly on the Ossiacher See cycle path, on the Bleistätter Moor Slow Trail and on the Alpe Adria Trail (www.alpe-adria-trail.com).

Accommodation: A wide range of accommodation and campsites in the resort of Lake Ossiach are within walking distance or can be reached along the lake cycle path and by train.

Cost of participation: approx. 200 euros, depending on the workshop. Included is the use of the STEINHAUS facilities and non-alcoholic drinks such as water, coffee, tea. Accommodation, travel costs and meals are not included.

Enquiries: info@domenigsteinaus.at

» And my hope is that ... this site makes a communication tangible, ... that it is a world where non-experts can experience something new. And that they themselves are also
influenced so that they become more interested in the new than in the
repetition of knowledge, and a little as a communication of this way of working by not setting any boundaries. «

Günther Domenig (DVD „Dreaming in Reality“ 2004)

Steinhaus Günther Domenig Private Foundation:

In 2008, Günther Domenig incorporated the STEINHAUS including its artistic, legal and material heritage, such as drawings, plans, models, photos and publications, into the foundation and appointed the Province of Carinthia as its beneficiary. The purpose of the foundation is to promote architecture in connection with all other creative artistic, cultural and scientific disciplines. The foundation is to act as a public relations agency, hub and platform, be open to future and quality-oriented design approaches in architecture, art and science, and pursue the creation of an architecture and art centre with the inclusion of Austrian and international universities and its expansion with infrastructural supplementary buildings on the neighbouring properties.

DOMENIG Steinhaus © Fotograf: Christian Brandstätter

STEINHAUS Günther Domenig Private Foundation

Günther Domenig et al.

Province of Carinthia, Department of Art and Culture

Wilfried Aichinger (Chairman), business consultant, attorney (em)
Georg Wald (Deputy Chairperson), architect, urban planner
Kristin Grasser, tax consultant
Hartwig Wetschko, architect, spatial planner

Co-opted Members of the Board:
Christian Halm, Architect
Elke Knoess Grillitsch, Architect


9552 Steindorf am Ossiacher See, Uferweg 31

STEINHAUS Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

Wilfried Aichinger
Kristin Grasser

Organisation and administration:
Jasmine R. Mayer

Visitor services:
Noemi Karnel & Team


Public Subsidies:
Province of Carinthia -
Federal Ministry of Culture Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport

Steindorf municipality (sponsorship in kind)
HTL Villach (sponsorship in kind)

DOMENIG Steinhaus © Fotograf: Christian Brandstätter
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